Company in India in pollution preventing biotechnology

Our India team was approached by a local SME in Mumbai, India in the business of supplying materials to the leather tanning industry, and therefore, with excellent relationships with the leather tanning industry. The SME had become aware through their industry links of the pollution emanating from the leather tanning industry, the need to curtail that pollution and the potential of biotechnology. Through discussions with our India team and by leveraging the wider Bricpoint network, we identified a European SME with biotechnology that significantly reduces leather tanning pollution at the source. In order to bring the cooperation between these two companies to fruition, our team helped the Indian SME prepare a strategic business plan and a project plan that clearly showed the business potential for both SMEs and the path to successful execution. We subsequently introduced European and Middle Eastern investors and helped to close a £3m investment deal. We have since then engaged in managing the technology transfer project from Europe to India. Using our specialist technology transfer expertise, our team has ensured successful transfer of technology to the Indian SME and start of sales to the leather tanning industry. The project is now on schedule to deliver sales royalties to the technology provider SME in Europe.

New company in China in materials for the LCD touch panel industry.

A UK SME with cutting edge patented technology for the manufacture of an important upstream electro ceramic material for the LCD supply chain, manufactured using a semi-precious metal, wished to convert technology into mass production and sales. A Chinese company wished to take advantage of the various incentives available in China for the domestication of the LCD supply chain. Our China team brought the two companies together and helped develop a strategic business and project plan for the two companies to cooperate to establish a joint company in China to mass produce the product and supply to the local LCD OEMs. We introduced the proposed venture to our investment network and raised £3.7m and helped manage the project through technology transfer, factory set-up, production and sales.

New company in Taiwan in materials for the LCD panel industry.

A UK SME with highly innovative and patented technology for the manufacture of polymer optics products for LCD panels and projectors, was brought together with a Taiwanese Plc with relevant mass production experience and appropriate channels to the market. We helped develop a strategic business and project plan to transfer the technology to Taiwan under license and convert it into mass production, successfully helping to raise £4m for a new venture. We helped the new company complete further investment rounds totalling £6m, going into mass production and mass marketing to OEMs in Taiwan and China and successfully conducting an IPO on the Taipei SE.