Pharmaceutical capsules joint venture in the Middle East. We are working with an international advanced technology company in the business of manufacturing pharmaceutical capsules and other related products. These capsules include organic and natural pullulan capsules that are perfect for ingredients sensitive to degradation as well as other non-animal materials such as HPMC. We are seeking investment and trade partners from pharma or nutraceutical businesses. If interested, contact us for further details on

Development of a luxury spa resort project in Middle East.We are working with a Middle Eastern consortium seeking partners for a US$300m project to develop a fantastic beach resort in this great location in the Gulf region. If interested, contact us for further details on

OxSOL Smart Coatings.Unique SMART glass coatings for automotive, architectural and agricultural greenhouse applications. The OxSOL coated glass can automatically trigger at a designed temperature and, subsequently work as a barrier to infra-red radiation (heat) emanating from sunlight (for example, prevent heat from entering buildings, cars or greenhouses). The OxSOL technology delivers a mass production solution at less than US$10 per square metre. We are seeking a strategic investor able to facilitate a route to mass production and commercialisation in Asia. If interested, contact us for further details on

Autonomous Robotic Navigation.Unique coding and chip solutions based on SLAM technology to enable autonomous navigation of robotic devices including commercial drones. The project is seeking a strategic investor and joint development partner for a route to mass adoption and commercialisation. If interested, contact us for further details on