Licensing cooperation with a Chinese State-Owned-Enterprise (SOE) in Electroceramics technology

A large Chinese SOE with business in mining tin and zinc and exporting purified metal, also produced indium as a by product of zinc mining and production. Whilst profit margins in the base metal products are reasonable, margin improvement could be achieved by selling value added tin, zinc and indium products. We worked with the Chinese SOE to develop a strategy and a project plan to enable the SOE to diversify into value added tin and indium products needed by the electro-ceramics industry. This was achieved by partnering the Chinese SOE with technology providers from UK and USA in a licensing and joint venture deal. We led and managed the whole project from building of a new factory to design/installation/commissioning of a production line and training for local staff. The picture above shows the post-contract signature picture of the parties involved in the deal.

Joint venture cooperation with Taiwanese Plc in Optics Components Technology

A well established Taiwanese Plc wished to diversify into higher technology optics components for the LCD industry. Our experts worked with the Taiwanese Plc staff to evolve a product diversification strategy via undertaking business analysis of the financial, operational, technology, IPR and marketing domains of the Plc and its customers. A project plan was developed and we managed the whole project from design and build of a factory to design/installation/commissioning of turnkey production line with all the associated function such as quality assurance and maintenance as well as local staff training and provision of management services. The project was completed on time, specification and budget with start of production and sales within 15 months of project launch, with sales reaching £25m within a short period. The picture above shows part of the production line, a mixing station in a Class 10000 clean room for the production of high specification polymer optics coating.

Technology transfer to Taiwanese and German companies in electronics assembly materials

Well-known Taiwanese and German SMEs serving the electronics manufacturing market with equipment and materials sought to extend their product lines by acquisition of a technology for manufacture of materials used in printed circuit board assembly as well as chip packaging. We provided a turnkey technology packages based on deep proprietary know-how developed by our associated experts over 40 years. The packages included training and technical sales support. This enabled the client to manufacture and market a new line of products within a period of 12 months from start of the project. The picture above shows product R&D at one of our associated laboratories in the UK.

Joint venture with Chinese SOE and investors in manufacture of transparent conducting materials

Based on Chinese government policy and incentives for development of domestic supply chain for the liquid crystal display industry, we provided a turnkey technology package for formation of a venture to manufacture sputtering targets for transparent conducting films on glass as transparent electrodes such as indium tin oxide for touch panel and TFT-LCD displays. We undertook full management from design, built, commissioning of factory, clean rooms, production line to management of operations and sales. A 25 tonnes capacity plant was completed and production/sales launched within 14 months of project start. The pictures above show the joint venture factory building in Shenzhen, China.

Technology transfer to Taiwanese company on production of metal powders for 3D printing

Based on massive growth in 3D printing of metal components, a Taiwanese enterprise wished to manufacture of high quality metal powders such as titanium for use in metal component prototyping for the aerospace and other industries. Based on over 40 years expertise of our team, we provided a turnkey technology package for the production of metal powders of very high specification per requirements for aerospace industry 3D manufacture of components for rapid prototyping. A production plant with capacity of 500 tonnes per year was designed, built and commissioned and production/sales launched within 12 months of project start. The picture above shows part of the metal powder production line during testing.

Software development for a German company for AI & sensor driven automobile navigation

A German 1st tier automotive supplier requested development of software coding including AI components, using suite of sensors around an automobile, for autonomous navigation of automotive vehicles. Our software engineering team based in India developed software that passed testing and has been commercially adopted for use in a prominent German automotive marque. We have now extended our capability for such software applications in robotics and drones.

Sale of Cleantech package to a leather processing company in India

The traditional leather industry processes generate polluting effluents that have over the years resulted in huge pollution of the aquatic environment in India. The local authorities are driving the industry to implement new technologies and processes to reduce the pollution generated by the leather industry. Taking advantage of Indian government incentives, our local team was contracted to introduce new biotechnology from the UK that enabled great reduction in pollution generated in leather processing. The details of the technology are confidential, interested parties should approach us for a confidential discussion. We believe that a general roll-out of our biotechnology in the Indian leather industry could be hugely beneficial for the local aquatic environment.