Our Sectors

We have active interests in Agriculture, Electronics and Healthcare. In these sectors, we work with businesses in China, Taiwan, India, UK and USA and provide services such as executive management, technologies and innovation, fundraising, establishing global footprint, strategic alliances, joint ventures, M&As and cross-border IPO opportunities.

The sectors of interest and their segments are:

Electronics :

  • Reliable and sustainable global supply chains : stability and cost competitiveness, sustainable electronics.
  • Passive Sensors : continuous real-time monitoring and management of smart homes, health and care parameters, big data analytics and AI management.
  • Devices : wearable, smart homes, system-on-ship (SOC) integrated circuits combining elements of an electronic device onto a single chip, IC designs bundling firmware with hardware and electromechanical.
  • Green Electronics : Innovative concepts and products to enable electronics products that are biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable.