• Globalisation:international expansion, establishing market channels, supply chains; sourcing strategic alliances, JVs or M&A deals and cross-border listings.
  • Business Transformations:fresh strategies and plans to turnaround or cause step changes in business trends such as market share, revenue and profits via new business processes, operational excellence, operational scaling, new technologies, new products, product diversifications, building IPR positions and globalisation.
  • Manufacturing:turning prototypes into mass production, full spectrum services from factory design to commissioning to launching production,leveraging cost efficiencies, supply chains, human capital and market opportunities.Implementing Industry 5.0 through managing strategy, planning and commissioning of fully integrated smart machines and robots into production lines.
  • Digitisation:converting conventional business processes into digital processes, increasing efficiency, effectiveness and capacity,developing mobile technology platforms integrating sensors, big data, analytics, AI for applications in various sectors.