Bricpoint is a services company with deep experience of business between Europe and Asia. With our forward-thinking approach, we are helping our clients to find solutions to some of the major global challenges and build world leading companies.

Bayer Mission, Vision and Values: Science For A Better Life

Pollution is causing contamination of the environment and food chains leading to serious health issues. We are helping our clients working on finding solutions to eliminating pollution from industrial effluents as well as removing pollutants lakes and rivers thereby improving people’s health and quality of life.

We are making an important contribution to reducing energy use through enabling lower power requirements in billions of mobile devices and buildings. We also working on linking devices through new technologies that deliver stable and reliable IoT for assisting a growing and aging population.

Our mission is to achieve and maintain leadership position as partner of choice for businesses needing to engage across borders and continents. By enabling such engagement or finding solutions to challenges, we create value for all our stakeholders and continuously strengthen the company’s value-adding collaborative networks.

Our CARE Values

We are committed to trustful collaborative networking for growth of our client businesses. We respect the interests of all stakeholders and strive for win-win outcomes. We work with a passion for technology, innovation and venturing for improving quality of life for citizens of the world.

In fulfilling our mission, we are guided by our values of CARE, which stands for Collaboration, Achievement, Resilience, and Efficiency.

We adhere to these values in all our interactions with stakeholders and these values are firmly enshrined in our working methods. Our CARE values ensure a common identity throughout our activity domains across borders in all our people and ways of working.


Bayer LIFE Values: Leadership
  • Our principles are honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness in all collaborations
  • We are absolutely dedicated to meeting our commitments and promises
  • We are passionate about building collaborative networks and relationships
  • We respect the interests of our collaborators and strive for win-win outcomes


Bayer LIFE Values: Integrity
  • We work with formidable energy to meet promises
  • We show utmost accuracy and reliability in communications and agreements
  • We take initiatives to ensure problems are solved and promises met
  • We strive to exceed expectations


Bayer LIFE Values: Flexibility
  • We relentlessly pursue goals with a ‘can-do’ attitude
  • We continuously strive to be adept in all our business fields
  • We face change and challenges with flexibility, seeking out opportunities and taking calculated risks
  • We build deep networks in our business fields and leverage to create value


Bayer LIFE Values: Efficiency
  • We focus on value creating activities
  • We use resources smartly and deliver with balanced cost, quality and velocity
  • We communicate simply and effectively to ensure great understanding between stakeholders
  • We accept accountability for our actions