2nd June 2020

Pharma and Nutraceutical Capsules Joint Venture.

We are offering an opportunity to firms in Middle East, Africa and South America for Exclusive Distributorships or Joint Ventures in production and sales of empty capsules suitable for the manufacture of pharmaceutical or dietary supplemental products. This opportunity is from a leading international manufacturer of capsules and related production machinery. The capsules can be made in all sizes in Gelatine (including DNA proven Halal) as well as HPMC and Organic Pullulan from proven genetically non-modified sugar cane. The raw materials for our capsules are from our captive suppliers. All our capsules offer great value-added properties such as precision tailored release, special coatings, high speed filling and world-leading shelf-life.

If you are interested in distributorship, please click here to see list of capsule products on offer and contact us to discuss supply logistics and prices, email us on

25th March 2020

COVID-19 Response

Bricpoint is working diligently to help the anti-Covid-19 effort by working with our manufacturing partners in China, to bring qualified PPE products to users in Europe and elsewhere. The products are supplied from our stocks in UK or in China with typical lead times of 5 to 14 days. The current stock list is given in the products section of our website. Please click here to see the latest products list and email us on, if you are interested in discussing supply logistics and prices.

23rd February 2020

Health and Wellbeing.
We have signed LOIs with strategic clients in Asia to bring health and wellbeing products to consumers in Europe. These will include real time monitoring devices, mass screening and sanitisation devices for creating Covid-Safe commercial environments, health supplements, natural organic and vegan supplements and foods as well as robotic and mobility devices for enhanced wellbeing. We aim to launch these products in Q4/2020.

1st October 2018

Progressing Together: Bricpoint and Xiamen Free Trade Zone, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub Agree to Cooperate.
Bricpoint alliance with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub in Xiamen, China enables a fast track for Western technology companies to scale in the hyper market that is the Greater China region. We have developed deep relationship with the hub in Xiamen, China and are actively seeking European companies wishing to establish operations in China, to mass manufacture or to access the Chinese mass market. Xiamen is a modern city with state-of-the-art business and leisure facilities and is well connected to the rest of China. It is one of the centres in China for technologies connected to the electronics, automotive and advanced IT including AI and Robotics. The city and its immediate environs offer very attractive incentives to foreign investors. Please contact us for a discussion.

3rd September 2018

A Fast-Growing Network in Asia, Bricpoint and IRN Associates Sign Cooperation Agreement.
Bricpoint and its strategic partners in Asia constitute an extensive network in the emerging economies of the Asian BRIC countries. In the case of the hyper-scale markets of India and Greater China, our network covers all the key economic regions, cities and local governments. We have representative office in 20 cities in Europe-Asia. We have now also signed an agreement for cooperation with our strategic partner in the Greater China Region, IRN Associates Inc., has over 250 senior members as associates and is officially appointed strategic business advisor to 8 city governments in mainland China. In Europe, we have deep networks in all the major technology hubs of UK, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia and also have a footprint in France and Italy. Our network includes private citizens, business and government entities in business, finance, legal and government sectors.

We welcome enquiries from potential clients and partners on how we could help your business in Europe-Asia through the provision of services such as sourcing finance, brokering business partnerships, providing latest technologies and helping to globalise your business. Please contact us for a discussion.

June 22nd, 2018
Latest display materials technologies.

Bricpoint is offering latest OLED materials mass production technologies including Electron Injection, Electron Transport, Host/Dopant, Hole Transport and Hole Injector layers. We are also able to offer mass production technologies for Contrast Enhancing and ITO.
These materials, when combined in a stack configuration according to proprietary know-how, enable production of high performance OLED displays.We have also built capability for mass production of quantum dot materials including roll-2-roll coated PET film, QD photopolymer coatings and QD inks (see our outline OLED and QD materials presentations. We are able to supply these materials on a commercial quantity basis with minimum order quantity 5 kg. These technologies are also available for joint exploitation and we are open to discussions with potential mass production partners in Asia.

12th June, 2018

Bricpoint Limited and HongXin Entrepreneur Company Limited, following a meeting in Xiamen (China) agreed a framework for cooperation in commercialisation of new technologies
specially in those in the advanced engineering, high-tech materials, digital and IoT space where major Chinese corporations such as Huawei and Alibaba are seeking innovations from the periphery of their ecosystems and particularly from British companies to cooperate in joint developments, joint ventures and licensing deals with a view to mass commercialisation. HongXin Group has hyper scale company resources with business parks and incubation centres in many of the major cities in China with investment funds in excess of £400m for building China advanced technology ecosystem and is ideally placed to work with Bricpoint in scaling British innovations in China. We believe this could be a great way for British companies to engage in such global business as a means of scaling in very large markets and achieving great returns for UK Plc. Contact us for further information and to explore possibilities of your involvement.

June 6th, 2018
Bricpoint software team makes progress on AI autonomous robotic navigation.

We have been undertaking R&D concerned with integration of sensors and AI software to enable autonomous navigation of household robots.
Our India team has been researching the topic for several years and is offering practical algorithm and chip solutions to robot and drone manufacturers, see our AI and Advanced IT presentation. The future of robotics and drones is in integration of advanced autonomous navigation, collision avoidance and communication technologies. The experience of our India team with designing and delivering cutting edge advanced driver assistance systems for autonomous vehicles allow us to offer the same comprehensive portfolio of next generation vision, sensing and processing technologies for use in robotics and drones.

28th May, 2018
Carbon fibre and Carbon Fibre composite products for the aerospace industry.

These are important materials in aerospace applications where they enable light weighting of aircraft and drones.
This increase their fuel efficiency and increase range or the amount of time a drone can spend in the air. Bricpoint has acquired exclusive rights from key European supplier to market carbon fibre materials in Asia. Our carbon fibre is a continuous, high strength, high strain fibre available in 3,000, 6,000 and 12,000 filament count bundles. The fibre is surface treated and can be sized to improve its interlaminar shear properties, handling characteristics and structural properties. The fibre can be used to prepare composites suitable for aerospace by using either our own or the customers resin formulations. We supply industrial quantities of these materials to customers in Asia. Please contact Bricpoint on for a confidential discussion of your requirements.

14th May, 2018
Bricpoint software team builds blockchain demonstrator platform for citizen’s services exchange.

Blockchain enables transactions between nodes (computers, devices, people) which can be authenticated/identified through Encrypted Keys/Proof of Work (“POW”), transactions validated by peer nodes
(decentralised shared transparent database), every block of transactions linked to the previous block in the chain via encryption, past blocks cannot be amended, provenance can be traced and infected nodes quickly identified and removed from the network. In contrast, current architecture of networks involves central servers, vulnerable to attacks such as Denial of Service (“DoS”) or Distributed Denial of Service (“DDoS”) which bring down servers by flooding them with traffic from infected devices, catastrophic in an ecosystem potentially involving millions of citizens. We have developed a blockchain demonstrator platform which enables provision of services for citizens and by citizens whilst ensuring that concerns around privacy, security, identification, trust, reputation and efficacy of transactions are overcome. We are now working on commercialising the platform and scaling in a suitable geography. We are also seeking partners to join this exciting development, contact us for further information on