1. OxSOL Thermochromic Coatings for Glass and Plastics. A mass production ready and patented technology that can be applied to glass and plastics, either as a coating or as a filler in plastic materials, at a total cost of less than US$10 per square metre. The application methods included mixing with plastic master batches for plastic extrusion or moulding processes, sputter coating on glass or plastics as well as ink spray coating on glass, plastics or textiles. The coating has the unique property of reflecting 80% of the incident infra-red radiation at what ever temperature trigger is designed into the coating (from 10 oC to 40 oC). The temperature trigger or switch can be flicked on via the ambient temperature exceeding the trigger temperature. Alternatively, the coating can also be switched on by applying a low voltage. This project is seeking a strategic investor for mass production and marketing of the technology. Please see our OxSOL presentation in the media section and, if interested, contact us for further details.

2. OLED Materials. Mass production ready technology for producing the materials used in all the layers in the conventional OLED stack. The technology has been developed in the UK over the past 10 years and has been used by OEMs in Japan and Korea. Production scale samples are available for testing and evaluation. This is a technology trade sale project seeking a 1st tier OEM investor or a strategic hands-on financial investor. Please see our OLED presentation in the media section and, if interested, contact us for further details.

3. SLAM (Self-Localisation And Mapping) Technology for Autonomous Navigation. Bricpoint has assembled a powerful team across India and North America with deep expertise in SLAM algorithms and devices enabling autonomous navigation of powered transport devices such as automobiles and drones. We have advanced capability including technical architecture, computer vision, VSLAM and embedded platforms. Our team has worked on driverless car projects including deep engagement with Visual Odometry, Path Planning, 3D Reconstruction, 6D Visual SLAM, Lane & Road Detection. Combining SLAM and dense 3D Reconstruction has allowed us to generate high definition 3D maps from moving cameras mounted on a vehicle. Our team has also worked on machine learning, deep Learning, computer vision, SLAM (monocular, stereo, visual-inertial or RGBD), 3D SLAM and probabilistic robot perception. Our embedded platform experts have been working on embedded platforms in autonomous and robotic domains. Developing, implementing, optimising, testing, and porting SLAM navigation algorithms, obstacle avoidance and path planning algorithms, visual docking algorithms. Please see our presentation materials in the media section and, if interested, contact us for further details on possibilities of joint development, joint commercialisation and investment to develop autonomous navigation applications for robots, drones and automobiles.